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About Me

Siena is a licensed professional therapist who integrates Mental health and Biblical principles in her Online Christian
Counseling practice.

She is passionate about seeing people set free from the chains of doubt, depression, fear, and anything else that is contrary to the sound mind God promised us.

She has over 15 years of experience in mental health, substance abuse, and trauma. Her specialty is somatic-focused trauma work this is not like any therapy you have ever had or will ever have. Her process is unique and powerful perfected and created by her from many years of experience and a lifetime of studying.

She draws on the foundations of Gestalt therapy, Peter Levine’s work, and the wisdom of God. She operates from a Christian perspective and has been able to help many people transform their lives by renewing their minds.

In her free time, she paints Christian-themed paintings.

Our Services

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Telebehavioral Health

Online Counseling

Virtual visits are offered to patients via our client portal. The visit is similar to a FaceTime or Skype conversation, so during the visit, the provider and caller are able to see and hear one another. The video is in real-time and uses your camera and microphone on your smartphone or computer. This may be useful for patients that have issues with time constraints or transportation. Calls are not recorded and all technology is HIPPA compliant.

The New Life Blog

You Didn't Have To Be Crazy!

Anxious thoughts can be like a runaway train, out of control, destructive and appearing to be unstoppable. Our thoughts can take us places we do not want to go, dark places where we will experience hopelessness, despair and sorrow. Learn some techniques to get control of your mind today!


Coming to counseling with Siena changed my life. She really listens to me and is able to push me when I need pushing and to support me when I need support. The best part is being able to talk to someone that shares my faith. It is difficult these days finding wise counsel. I feel grateful to her!
I was really nervous about coming to counseling and talking to a stranger but Siena made it easy! I felt really comfortable and started to feel much better about my situation.
Data analyst
The pandemic has destroyed my life, losing my mother and business through this time has been life altering. I have been so blessed to find Christian counseling and have someone to talk to that shares my faith. I cant thank her enough.
I have been struggling with crippling depression for years. I never knew life could be good until I starting coming to see Siena.
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